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140-141 | 2014
L’État et l’éducation en France. XIXe-XXe siècles

State and Education in France (19th-20th centuries)
Edited by Jean-Noël Luc and Philippe Savoie
Histoire de l'éducation n° 140-414
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16 x 23 cm ; 218 p.
ISBN 978-2-84788-649-8

This issue of Histoire de l’éducation includes a thematic part and three various articles. The thematic part is devoted to “State and education in France, 19th-20th centuries” and follows the special issue about “State and education in Europe, 18th-21st centuries” (number 134, April-June2012). Its object is to examine the way French State, in the last two centuries, has integrated education to its field of intervention, the specific shapes of the institution in charge of this mission and its resulting relation to the State and to society. It aims to question the supposed features of French State educational system (extreme centralization, historical place of the school war between the Catholic Church and the State, co-management of the educational system with teacher unions). It also tackles the building of State provision of schooling, the strong connection between French educative institution and the corporative notion of the teacher profession, and presents State educational institution in its relationship with society, from the defence of its autonomy to the production and publication of statistical data.


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